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Raising    Australian Shepherds

Mom and dad

Mom is very pregnant here, although it's hard to tell. During pregnancy, her diet is supplemented with fresh beef (burgers and meatballs) and chicken (boneless breasts and thighs)

First one is born!

This picture shows a newborn aussie, just a couple of minutes old! This is a black tri, which ended up being the biggest of the bunch.


Here come the next couple

Here we have a couple of more puppies.  Things are moving along well


Time to settle down

The puppies are all born, and mom is wiped out. We move her pups back to the box, and give her some alone time to feed them and bond


Houston, we have a problem....

Mom has decided the whelping box just isn't good enough for the rest of her babies. So she's decided to bring her babies onto the futon, and finish giving birth there.

The futon cushion was a near complete loss, only the frame survived. But mom finished giving birth there without issues.


Meet the humans!

We start to spend some time with the puppies. Each one get individual attention, and the kids start to give them names.


Food, food, and more food.... 

The puppies need more food than mom can give, so we start to give them puppy food. Dad is being awesome and watching the kids eat his food. No food aggressive behavior in this house!

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