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Puppy Pack You Receive From Us

You Receive A Large Bag with an Aussie on the Front.  The Bag Contains:

  • 5 Pound Bag of Puppy Food

  • Puppy Blanket with Mommy's Scent On It

  • Stuffed Animal

  • Teether Rope Monkey

  • 2 Rope Squeaker Toys

  • A Dog Container Filled with Treats 

  • Photo Album showing Your Puppy From in Utero to the Time You Pick Up The Puppy

  • Folder Containing All AKC Paperwork &

    • Vet Records​ From 2 Visits

      • Tail Dock/Dew Claws Removed​

      • Shot Visit DHPP

  • Yes, puppy packs will be provided with our toy poodles also, pics and info coming soon!

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