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Two toy poodle puppies available! Both girls, one an apricot and one a chocolate w/black markings!

Pics coming soon!


Toy poodle puppies?
Yes, along with our aussies, we're breeding toy poodles now. Our poodles and aussies get along great, and have learned to conspire against us :-)

More info and pictures on the link above, please use the "Contact Us" page if you're interested in toy poodle or aussie puppies! 


If you're interested in a puppy, use the  "contact us" form

More pictures coming soon!

​This batch was born overnight into the morning(like always), so we're very, very tired.

Within the first 48 hours of birth, we get mom and babies to the vet for tail docking (if needed), dew claw removal, and a checkup.

We'll upload more pics soon!


How we raise the pups

​Everything we've done, from the whelping box, feeding them, cleaning up, and teaching them how to be your pet..

You have cats too?

​We sure do! Most of our cats were once stray and now decided they like living indoors.​

Our products: under construction

We don't breed our dogs to win dog shows, we're not selling a product, we're just trying to maintain this perfect breed.

We raise our puppies to be the best pet you could ask for. They don't live in a kennel, they're raised with us so they'll learn how to behave when they get to your house

What separates us from other breeders?

  • From the day they're born, our puppies are handled by humans​

  • We're a low volume breeder, so we can give our full attention to each litter

  • Our adult aussies are DNA tested using Embarks testing service, only the healthiest are bred and the rest are our pets!

  • The puppies are exposed to everything a normal household has, like vacuum cleaners, cats, children, riding in a car, etc.

  • Our puppies are fed a food that's available in all 50 states, so there's no transition from what we're feeding them to what you need to feed them

  • We can tell you the personalities of each puppy. Want one that's relaxed? Want one that's energetic? How about a playful one? Or one that cuddles? Pick for the personality, not just the color!

  • Our dogs are our family members, but their puppies could be yours!

Where are we located?

*Update: We have moved! We're now located in Milton, DE, 20 minutes from our old  place in Lewes. Our dogs now have much, much more room to roam. More details to follow, very busy with the move!

We're a few miles from Lewes and Rehoboth Beaches, so a trip here isn't a chore, it's a vacation!

90 minutes from Philadelphia, 2 1/2 hours from Washington D.C. and Baltimore.

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